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She Rebel Radio

May 8, 2020

As we continue to navigate a worldwide pandemic, we explore what must follow a period of contraction is a period of huge expansion (transformation and evolution) for Women.

During this episode, I explain why we are seeing old paradigms of success (and beliefs) breaking down. What that means for you personally and explain how you can start to navigate your initiation into the new paradigm more effectively.

“The Pandemic is a global Initiation and for many women they are a vessel for the expression of what’s next. That means we can no longer be contorted to fit into the old paradigms of success which are currently breaking down.” - Lulu Minns

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why the expansion of women benefits everyone

  • We explore that expansion follows a period of contraction

  • Why old paradigms of success (and beliefs) are breaking down

  • What that ‘breaking down’ means for you personally

  • How you can start your navigation into a new paradigm more effectively

  • Invitation to Free Initiation Welcome Pack :

Additional Quote :

‘You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is coded as male; you have to change the structure’ - Mary Beard

Resources :
She Rebel Radio Episode 12 :

Women and Power by Mary Beard :

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