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She Rebel Radio

May 15, 2020

Entrepreneurship Educator, Clare Griffiths & She Rebel Radio Founder, Lulu Minns TEAM up with Rise to present the We Support Women to Rise in Business.

During this special episode discover how the Why’s, How’s and What’s of your business all interconnect in your business model and with what kind of decision maker you are.

Special Warning : This Episode is likely to ignite something for you and to help you find that missing piece.

“The duo of this content really switched something on for me and somehow everything in my business started to come together” - Live Participant

This edition of She Rebel Radio is in partnership and support of RISE a Brighton based charity that helps people affected by domestic abuse. They offer practical help ranging from direct advice to refuge accommodation to those in urgent need. Apart from their support & advice services, they also run community programmes and you can donate below to show your support.

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Discover how the Why’s, How’s and What’s of your business all interconnect with you and your business model.

  • Understand what kind of decision maker you are and what the missing piece may be for you.

  • Clare introduces the Business Clarity CanvasTM - a one page tool which you can use to help you pinpoint your purpose and mission and identify your core activities.

  • Discover more about the Community Connectors Programme with RISE. It brings an amazing support package to women with personal experience of domestic abuse who want to start a community business project.

Donate and Support Rise UK

Download the Clarity Canvas(TM)

You can download a copy of the Business Clarity CanvasTM by going to the ‘Refine’ section of the ‘Resources’ section on The Thrive Effect’s digital platform: (It is free to join the platform).

Self Study Course Supporting you to Rise Up

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