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She Rebel Radio

Jun 11, 2021

Gemma Williams, my retreat business partner (founder of Gem Yoga providing Mentoring, teaching training and cpd points for yoga teachers) joins me this week to discuss how retreats and retreating has helped her personally over the years and become part of her lifestyle before incorporating that into her business.


When I feel like I need that retreat space, I will take myself off into nature or go somewhere on my own, there has always been that part of me that gravitates towards retreats”

 - Gemma Williams 


We further explore how we began to collaborate with retreats and the impact of our retreats for the women entrepreneurs we support including the use of feminine power and energy. 


“We are passionate about supporting women with their purpose and dreams so they can shine with their gifts at the same time as holding those around them”  


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Explore how Retreats have become part of life and routine 
  • How and Why we began hosting retreats 
  • The varying aspects of hosting retreats 
  • How we began collaborating on retreats 
  • The role modelling of retreats for women (and why it is so critical) 
  • The importance of nature and impact of Yin in our lives 


Additional Quote :

“Retreats always give me (and you) a renewed perspective and renewed energy” 



Gemma Williams 



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