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She Rebel Radio

Sep 26, 2019

Lucy Tarrant is the Founder, Managing Director, and Practicing Solicitor at Cognitive Law Limited, a contemporary law firm focused on family and commercial law, debt recovery, and wealth management as well as legal services for the recruitment industry. With over 20 years of experience in financial and contractual disputes, Lucy specializes in helping business owners prevent and resolve contractual disputes. She received her Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) from the College of Law and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Thames Valley University.


Lucy joins me today to discuss how women are leading change in the way we work. She shares her journey into entrepreneurship, why she decided to break free from the corporate world to start her firm and the challenges she’s faced throughout her journey. She also discusses how women are feeling more empowered than ever before to work their own way and how the fear of things staying the same can be a powerful motivator for change.




“There’s been a second wave of feminism. Women now feel empowered to prove that women can do it their own way.” - Lucy Tarrant




This week on She Rebel Radio:


  • Lucy’s journey into entrepreneurship and why she decided to start her firm
  • The inspiration behind her firm’s tagline
  • How she distinguished her firm apart from other law firms
  • Why she believes more women today are feeling empowered to work their own way
  • Struggling with the perception that women have to do things the same way men do
  • Lucy’s biggest challenge when breaking out of the corporate world to start her firm
  • How the fear of things staying the same can act as a driving force for a career change
  • How she uses an inspiration board to visualize the future she wants to create
  • What’s next for Lucy and Cognitive Law Limited



Lucy Tarrant’s Advice for She Rebels:


  • Visualize what you want your future to look like and what you’ll need to do to achieve it.



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