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She Rebel Radio

Nov 15, 2019

This week we talk about why becoming a different version of you is essential when you're moving through your business journey. And if you want to make it a success — why your personal growth and development is essential to you stepping out and into your new business venture.


During this episode, I discuss why the evolutionary journey is more granular than it can appear in the online world and why there is a process of learning things before you can begin to expect acceleration and your entrepreneurial plane to start taking off. I also explain how the unknowns and taking action despite this differs from what you’ve been taught in the corporate world.


“Having a position prestige is a very linear path, you know the outcome and all the steps before you get there. But the journey of a business owner is very different and the feminine one is even more foggy and unknown”

- Lulu Minns


This Week on She Rebel Radio:

  • Why you need to take gradual and baby steps as well as big leaps.

  • The feminine spiral of success vs rigid goals and expectations.

  • Why its important to sow the seeds and build the foundation first.

  • Why the Heroines journey is very different having many destination and not just one.

  • How softer intentions will allow an unfolding around you instead of restricting your thinking by way of linear goals.

  • Why sustainability is key versus grabbing the low hanging fruit

  • How the evolutionary process is getting to know yourself more which enables you to

    show up more fully in your business.

  • How I work with clients via the Rebel Heart Club Mastermind and Breakout Strategy workshop which is coming to Brighton in Jan 2020.

    Resources :
    The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy
    The Breakout Workshop :
    The Rebel Heart Club Mastermind :


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