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She Rebel Radio

Nov 8, 2019

This week we dive into a totally different perspective on what your gifts actually may be and why they might also be your curse. Trying to nail down what your great at is difficult when leaving a position of prestige. You’ve maybe dived into personal development, all the personality tests, looked at what you loved doing as a child and asked others what you were great at.


But during this episode, I ask you to flip the script and instead ask - what is it you were criticised for? What did you get into trouble for? What were you picked on for and what were your sufferings as a child? Where is your gift in being different? How can you leverage that as an asset and not let it drag you down? There cannot be strengths without its opposite weaknesses. Where might your gifts be hidden in all of that?


I also discuss how the curse of competence can keep many women stuck from finding their gifts and what they’re really great at.


“ Where our gift anchors us, might show up as a weakness elsewhere - that’s why it can also curse us and get us into trouble” - Lulu Minns


This Week on She Rebel Radio:

  • We flip the script and search elsewhere for your gifts and zone of genius.

  • Discuss how the curse of competence and being good at anything can keep you stuck.

  • Why strengths cannot exist without its opposite weaknesses.

  • How the things you got into trouble for, picked on and criticised for — could be the key

    to your gift/s.

  • How you can leverage your differences as an asset and not a curse.

  • Biopics and how musicians stories guide them to their greatness (and yours)


Resources :
The BIG LEAP by Gay Hendricks.




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