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She Rebel Radio

Dec 18, 2020

Two female founders, Kathy Caton (founder of Brighton Gin) and  (founder of the Float Spa), join me this week on She Rebel Radio to reflect on the response of local businesses to the worldwide pandemic. 


 “For businesses, the pandemic was unprepared, unplanned and unknown. Our business (and others) are in 6 months critical and 3 years recovery’ - Camille Pierson 

We discuss how both businesses faced losing 90% of their sales overnight and the drastic action each founder took to ensure the survival of their business. We discuss the incredible support of the local community and how being open with their teams allowed new ideas to cultivate and grow.  


We explore the benefits of stepping back in business, the critical personal lessons learned and anticipate the challenges and focus needed of both the wellness and hospitality industry will need to move forward in 2021. 

  “It’s through the support, generosity and kindness of our customers that we are still here’’ 


- Kathy Caton

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How local businesses responded to covid losing over 90 % of their sales and custom overnight. 
  • Drastic action taken by business founders to ensure business survival 
  • The importance of support by local community 
  • Personal and critical lessons learned by each founder 
  • The benefits of stepping back in business (even when forced)
  • Anticipated challenges and focus to move forward in 2021


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