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She Rebel Radio

May 21, 2021

During this episode, we explore the Habit of Necessary and the mandatory, obligatory and survival habits we’ve created over lockdown (for the best part of a year) and how we’ve been conditioned to batten down the hatches. 


We explore why we are less enthusiastic to grasp our new found freedom and what we can maybe do to get ourselves in the mood to break the ‘habits of necessary’? 


Breaking bad habits start with a choice and feeling our way into a new found freedom. 


Think about ditching one of the ‘habits of necessity’ you've created - maybe that’s lowering your prices or prioritising family and your partners work over your business?”


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Safety and Security vs Freedom 
  • We consider what lockdown habits are going to be the hardest to break? 
  • Why we create essential, basic survival habits in lockdown as a coping strategy
  • How Habits can be positive or negative 
  • How we can take baby steps to our new found freedom with one change today
  • Discuss how music and movement can create a pattern interrupt and be used for inspiration 


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