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She Rebel Radio

Jun 26, 2020

Sophie is the Director and Co-founder of the Joyful Web, a Marketing and Communications Company for Conscious Businesses. Sophie has decades of experience in marketing, she is also a freelance writer and part of Belongcon which is a social movement creating spaces where people can find belonging.

During this episode, we discuss why traditional marketing has a bad reputation and why that might business owners can loose the joy in sharing their message.

“The traditional marketing industry is designed to make you feel overwhelmed which is why it feels like some kind of dark art in getting your website seen but it’s not as complicated as traditional marketing agencies would have you believe”
- Sophie Turton

Sophie explains how you can reframe marketing in a way that is joyful and works for you and your audience.

“If we take away the word marketing and swap it with communication then it relates to the whole package of your business and comes into every single element of it”
- Sophie Turton

We discuss the rise in consciousness and consumer habits and the brands who communicate their identity so well. And the simplest way you too can get started....

“Get clear on what your values are. How you want to communicate that to your audience. And then just start having conversations with people who align with those values”
- Sophie Turton

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why traditional marketing has a bad reputation and why that might mean business owners can find ‘joylessness’ within it.

  • How you can reframe marketing in a way that is joyful and works for you.

  • Funnel marketing vs the Joyful Web Fly Wheel approach which is more holistic

  • Why value and valuing your audience is the most important part of your brand and

    brand identity.

  • Why brand identity, personality and values matter the most.

  • How strategy forms your brand identity in action.

  • Why more conscious businesses create more conscious consumers (how women are leading the way) and how that can impact the way you can talk about your business too.

Additional Quote :

“Use your audience to guide you, rather than them being a last thought and simply broadcasting out to them”

- Sophie Turton

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Resources and Brands we talked about :

Lucy and Yak :
Frock up Friday Group :
Billie :

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