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She Rebel Radio

May 1, 2020

Maxim Cramer joins me this week and is the founder of the MENNENIA consultancy where she coaches women entrepreneurs to bring their tech plans to life and strategise their apps ideas to reality. Maxim is an outspoken advocate on helping women leverage technology to build businesses for the future and she has worked on apps which have seen a million downloads on the first day and been featured in Apple retail stores across the world.

During this episode we discuss the impact of women not utilising Technology in their businesses and why it is deemed as less accessible to us. We explore how tech can support you in your journey into greater self-actualisation and the capability tech can create in your business in terms of access, delivery and scale.

Maxim also shares how tech is a great way to future proof yourself from future weather storms.

“The current situation in terms of COVID 19 shows we’ve become very reliant on technology for multiple things and not knowing that component in your business is a bit like not wanting to do finances, budgeting or cashflow. It’s essential. ”

- Maxim Cramer

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We explore why many Women feel they’ve less access to technology as a tool in their businesses.

  • Why embracing technology during Covid19 is as essential component of your business.

  • We explore why you might not be embracing technology and why there are less women led businesses in the technological space

  • How technology can support your journey into greater self-actualisation

  • We discuss technology’s capability of allowing you to create access, delivery and scale in your business.

  • Why tech is a great way to future proof yourself for future weather storms.

Additional Quote :

‘’When it comes to self-actualisation and you giving your gifts back to the world, tech can help you deliver and scale that much more effectively”

- Maxim Cramer

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