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She Rebel Radio

Mar 10, 2022

Georgina MacKay is the Regional Ecosystem Manager for Natwest Business across London & South East. She supports enterprise across the region, increases opportunities for start-ups to scale and succeed, and runs the NatWest Accelerator in London and Brighton. Her role is to help entrepreneurs locally with a commitment to making entrepreneurship more accessible for women and increasing their access to support.

“We want to support you, no matter at what stage you are as a business owner, to succeed.” - Georgina MacKay

I’m joined on the podcast by Georgina to discuss her role in supporting female entrepreneurs and how women can access the resources and support of Natwest to build and scale their businesses. She shares why women have traditionally had much less access to funding than men and how the Natwest Accelerator is breaking down barriers to support female founders. We also dive into how Georgina finds mentors to support female entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses.

“I think there's a lot of idols out there and I think the more we have these conversations and get those stories out there, the better.” - Georgina MacKay

Episode Highlights:

  • How Natwest provide wraparound support for women starting a business, from networking opportunities to access to knowledgeable mentors
  • Holistic factors that impact female entrepreneurs such as their family situation and domestic responsibilities and how Georgina helps women circumvent obstacles in their path
  • Key barriers facing female entrepreneurs, including access to business mentors and networks of peer support
  • How the pandemic affected women-owned businesses
  • Why a lack of role models, mentors, and narrative can affect our ability to succeed as women
  • What else we can do to support more women to become entrepreneurs and build a successful business

International Women’s Day Insight:

“We have to fly the flag for each other.” - Georgina MacKay

Bringing together a cohesive network of like-minded female entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors is vital to creating an environment where women can shine in business. Helping women support women is so powerful.

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