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She Rebel Radio

Nov 21, 2019

Clare Griffiths is an award-winning entrepreneurship educator and social entrepreneur whose passion is to enable women to reach their business goals. In June 2018, Clare launched The Thrive Effect, a social enterprise on a mission to give female founders and women in business the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to build a business that lasts.

Clare joins me today where we discuss what it takes for women to Thrive in business including the latest research on the core barriers preventing female founders from starting and succeeding in their own businesses.

We also discuss the difficulties women leaving prestigious positions encounter when starting their own business which means embracing a whole host of new skills sets and mindsets from idea generation to implementation and learning to do it all initially without the support of a team.

“Listen to your gut, when something isn’t right - be confident enough to change it. Pivot, change the focus and even the business model“

- Clare Griffiths

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • The latest research papers from Deloitte and the 3 core underlying barriers for female founders

  • Clare’s insights on why women don’t lack self-belief but the self-belief and confidence in their own ideas

  • Why learning to test and validate your ideas and not being afraid to pivot is key

  • Her direct experience on why women thrive when supported by other women

  • The lack of ACCESS women have to networks, role models and funding but how new ways and ideas are being generated

  • How the Thrive Effect is supporting women in building their networks and having access to female founders and role models

  • How the corporate world encourages a linear path and not to break out to do your own thinking including creativity, innovation, problem-solving, being self-critical as well as analytical

  • Why women leaving prestigious positions often have huge business assets but without the support of a team - have to learn to juggle the balls including new skills sets and mindsets

  • We discuss how ditching the rules and expectations from male leaders is crucial.

  • How the Thrive Effect started as a magazine before changing to a membership organisation.

Clare’s advice for She Rebels :

“Nothing ever quite works out as you originally anticipated! You can have the most beautifully researched business plan and can be out of date within 24 hours of launch”

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